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More on rodents

Rodent control in a 3-step approach


We will find the source of the rodent intrusion!


Take care of the issue using mechanical traps and commercial rodenticides.


We also offer solutions for repairs to homes/properties to prevent future rodent issues.

more on the rodenticides we use

We use commercially licensed rodenticides that have no secondary poisoning so you can rest easy knowing that secondary wildlife won't be impacted by this method of treatment.

All rodenticides used are placed securely out of reach of pets and non-targeted animals.

how does a rodent program work?

First, we perform an inspection and consultation visit to access the situation and create a program that fits your personal needs. Typically once the I&C is complete, we can start right away on creating a rodent-free space for you.


Once the rodents have been effectively removed, we will walk you through repairs that can be made as well as offer a price on having us perform this work whenever possible.

Clean Up

Sometimes rodents can make a mess in structures. We offer full remediation using antimicrobial products and physical removal of damaged materials.

Rats, mice and squirrels - we have solutions!

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