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Scotia pest solutions - local business, global standards

Audit Pro

Binders containing all applicable MSDS/SDS sheets, licensing and facility plans or guidelines.

Options to barcode devices tracking individual areas and location-based pest activity and actions taken creating accountability from us and peace of mind for you and your auditors.

Pest trends graphing to show times of the year with heavier pest activity, so pest control becomes preventative and not reactive.

device mapping

Detailed maps showing all pest control device types and numbers.

HACCP and Organic Facility

Plan available and customizable to your business's particular needs.

Continued communication is guaranteed. Be in the know of what's going on when it comes to preventative actions and the implementation of pest control measures in your business. 

Ease of service

Contact your pest control specialist directly with pest concerns. No call centres, no-nonsense, reach us anytime with 24/7 emergency on call.

Can we handle it?

Absolutely! Scotia Pest Solutions is hyper organized and geographically targeted business to maintain high standards across all work performed along with creating bonds with a small network of local, quality businesses that in any case where we are unable to perform a job we have the team for the job.

You can count on Scotia Pest Solutions.

Our Impact on the Environment

We take our impact on the environment seriously and take all precautions when using and transporting controlled pesticides.

Our training has a great focus on limiting the use of pesticides by applying them with direct purpose effectively. Keeping up to date on pest control products and understanding how each product works is the key to our success. We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) as well as Assessment-Based Pest Management (APM) to better serve our customers and create pest-free spaces in a professional world-class manner.

What supporting local means

We have a plan in place to create 10-20 full-time jobs by 2030, jobs that can support Nova Scotian families and jobs that will give back to the community in a real way.

Additionally, we give back to the community whenever we can by sponsoring local shows and events. We love our community, and we love giving back.

Fully Licenced and insured

For detailed inquiries, please contact

Jesse Roach, Co-Owner and Operations

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