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Nine ants walking in single file in a semi circle
A cluster of flies
A wasp
A cockroach
A tick
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More On Insects

From the basics to the more complex treatments, we are fully prepared for all your insect control needs!

General Ant treatments and ant prevention

Be covered all summer long for ants with our ant spray and bait programs for all ant types.

Carpenter ants speciality treatments

Carpenter Ants are wood damaging when they find areas in your home with high moisture content in the wood as all as they have become notorious for damaging spray foam insulation. 

Carpenter Ants are priced by the job so we can give you the highest quality possible using pesticide injections, baits, and spray treatments.

Cluster Flies, Asian Lady Beetles, Spiders, Stink bugs, and occasional invader insects - it's all the same treatment

A thorough crack and crevice spray application along soffits, doors, windows, and around exterior lights generally reduce all these listed pests, for greater results we treat twice a year to prevent overwintering insects!

Wasps and hornets

Full safe removal of nests and stinging insects.

earwigs, silverfish, and moisture insects

Crack and crevice spray applications interior, exterior or both!

pantry pests

A thorough inspection locating the breeding site followed up by a targeted crack and crevice chemical application can take care of all your pantry insect needs including but not limited to, Indian meal moths, Weevils and Flour Beetles.


A mixture of bait applications and physical removal will take care of your cockroach issues.


One of the most serious infestations can be bedbugs and we treat it as such, with our guaranteed extermination of bedbugs you can sleep easy. We use a mixture of wall injections, spray chemicals, steam and vacuuming to effectively treat these tiny invaders.


Spray treatments followed up by steam and vacuuming will eliminate even the worst flea infestation.


We currently offer organic garlic-based perimeter treatments for ticks; tick sprays are priced by the job by measuring the area that requires treatment and determining what the service frequency should be for best results.


Having an outdoor event this summer? Have your space treated using an organic garlic-based treatment where we treat the shaded areas on the trees and foliage that will greatly reduce all flying biting insects by removing resting areas from them. These treatments are recommended to be performed 2-3 days prior to an event.

And much more!


we also offer organic solutions for most listed insects.

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