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Who is Scotia Pest Solutions?


Scotia Pest Solutions is a locally owned and family-run pest control company.

Jesse Roach co-owner and operator comes from a varied background in pest control working in the field across the province of Nova Scotia since 2016, and in 2021 decided to create a local pest control company.

Kathy Roach co-owner and administrative director is the backbone of the business taking calls with an empathetic ear and running a lot of the behind-the-scenes magic of Scotia Pest Solutions.

With the goal of creating a recognized Nova Scotian brand with opportunities for sustainable growth and gainful employment, great care has been taken at every step, including but not limited to the three cornerstones of this company's fundamentals: honesty, quality, and action. 

Owners of Scotia Pest Solutions

In the Press

Supporting Local

Scotia Pest Solutions and all involved understand the deep importance of supporting local businesses whenever we can from our branding to our equipment and products.

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